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Manchester home security tips
January 13, 2021

5 Home Security Tips For Manchester

Everyone wants to feel safe in their own house. But what can you do to get that peaceful feeling? From lighting ideas to home security systems, here are five home security tips for Manchester that you put into practice. Follow these ideas, and you'll be able to feel cozy in your safe and shielded home.

Manchester Home Security Tip #1: Light Your Home

Outside lighting remain one of the topmost barriers for home intruders in Manchester. That's because housebreakers love to hang out in the dark where nobody can see them. A well-lit exterior and walkway means fewer corners to hide and denotes someone is at home.

To make sure your home is illuminated enough, walk around your home to see potential dark areas. Deck and garage areas are wonderful spots to put in a floodlight. A decorative lighted post by the sidewalk or solar-activated lights can brighten a walk or curb area. Then periodically go outside while the porch lights are on to make sure they still light up. Just remember to flip on the lights every night, or set them through your Manchester home security system to alight at a specific time.

Manchester Home Security Tip #2: Lock Your Doors

Locking your doors is a no-brainer, but they’re easily forgotten. How often have you got out of bed and found the door sitting unlocked? Or come home from doing errands with the garage door standing open?

Smart locks help make your life smarter and they might be the answer to this headache. Through an app, you can check your locks' status and distantly control your doors. Give each family member a personal PIN, and receive a text when someone comes home. Or schedule your doors to lock 30 seconds after you close the door. You can even get a garage door sensor that alerts you when you left it open.

Manchester Home Security Tip #3: Make Friends With Your Neighbors

It’s nice when you can have an additional set of eyes on your house. Actually, your neighbors could be the first to see a thief casing your back yard or a suspicious van in your drive when you're gone. Neighbors are also great when other calamities come up when you're away, such as a flooded basement or flames streaming from your doors.

Make sure to alert a trusted neighbor when you depart for vacation. If anything happens, they could visit the house and contact you or emergency personnel. Hand over the keys personally or issue a temporary PIN if you use a smart lock. Then stand guard when they leave for their next vacation.

Manchester home security camera tips

Manchester Home Security Tip #4: Put up Security Cameras

A doorbell camera is a great way to stop your packages from leaving the front porch. Exterior cameras will let you see a section of your house that isn't viewable from a window, like by a detached garage or shed door. And indoor cameras can help you find out what's making all that noise in the dark night.

Placing a security camera on your Manchester home or on your door used to be problematic, as cumbersome wires never seemed to be in an easy to get to place. Fortunately, your installer can now put a camera almost anywhere and connect it to a security system through cellular wireless technology. Then view 30-second clips or receive alerts through your security app of suspicious motion.

Manchester Home Security Tip #5: Get A Monitored Home Security System

Installing a modern security system may be the optimum way to feel completely protected in your house. First, you can easily manage your smart lights, smart locks, and video cameras through the system’s touchscreen or mobile app. Then add components like motion detectors, glass break sensors, and enhanced smoke alarms.

If a sensor does trigger, your monitoring team have you covered. They'll get ahold of you first to make sure that your family is safe, then phone emergency dispatch. And with alarm monitoring pros, you’re on alert both home and away!

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